Kaska Language Preservation and Revitalization

Hello and thank you for visiting! In this blog we hope to follow and document a new collaborative Kaska Talking Dictionary project  currently taking place in Kaska communities in the Yukon Territory, Canada. We hope this will be a productive learning space for Kaska speakers and learners of all levels. Whether you know a lot or only a little, we want to hear from you! Please share your ideas, contribute to discussions, and most of all – have fun while learning something new each day! To start, please share with us: Why learning and speaking the Kaska language is important to you?

Please check out the Kaska Dictionary Soundcloud! We have been posting various sound files there to help leaners with Kaska pronunciation. We will periodically keep adding to this, so keep checking back!


And lastly, find us on Facebook by searching Kaska Dictionary


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